ID Badges
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ID Badges

Many people today have to wear ID badges to work. There are a number of reasons for giving out employee ID badges, mainly related to security. With all the attention given to digital and computer security today, people might forget that there is just as much of a danger of unauthorized people getting into an office. ID badges are a simple and possibly inexpensive way to make sure everyone in a workspace belongs there. And there are a number of different options for employee badges, so that every company can find the one that is right for their needs.

Most companies will choose to have their name on the badge; this not only is a subtle form of advertising but makes it easy to see that the person does in fact work for the company. At large companies it can be impossible for someone to know every employee by sight, so company badges are an important tool. Beyond that, it is up to the employer what to put on their badges. They can be as simple as a credit card sized piece of plastic with the employee’s name with the company’s. Other companies may choose to include the employee’s picture, making it easy to ensure they are who they say they are.

ID cards can also be a key to entering your workspace. Larger companies might have a security guard who is charged with checking the IDs of everyone coming into a building; employees have to show their ID cards to be admitted. Or there might be electronic locks and card readers. With this type of system, employees hold their card up to the reader, and a magnetic strip in the card tells the door to open.

These systems are popular at companies that deal with confidential information or sensitive materials. Banks and mortgage companies often have social security numbers, addresses, and other critical identifying information in files, not to mention quantities of cash at bank. Medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics, and research labs, might have patient records (including addresses and birthdays, important parts of a person’s identity) and samples waiting to be tested.

Even veterinary hospitals might have sensitive research data or be in danger of vandalism by animal rights groups. Requiring all employees to have a company identification card is one way to take much of the worry out of managing any number of types of facilities. A simple piece of plastic with a person’s name and picture on it, with a plastic sleeve and lanyard so it can be worn around a person’s neck, ensures that those in a facility belong there.

In today’s security-conscious world, ID badges are an easy way to ensure that only those who are cleared to be an a facility are allowed in.

ID Badges ID Badges